If, after our initial conversation, we choose to work together, you should expect a very specific set of deliverables, regardless of the original reason we met. A great coach not only finds the intangibles in your vision, but provides a clear set of challenges and takeaways.

The following are the standards by which we succeed together:

1) Accountability - We will have a relationship where you choose to elevate yourself to new heights and agree to a set of challenges you haven't yet experienced.

2) Mastery - We agree that every part of your soul desires completeness, fulfillment, and truth. Only when you are on the road to mastery, does this occur.

3) Momentum - We agree that tiny incremental changes to your world are key to long term change and success. We will redefine the definition of "personal bandwidth" and replace distraction with attraction.

4) Singularity - We will agree upon your original vision and purpose, and we will focus it down to laser precision. You will discover how originality aligns with purpose, and you will own its exclusivity from this day forward.

5) Systematic Approach - We will agree upon a tweak to your original systems, allowing you to press distraction aside and focus on specific time frames for your daily tasks. We will design a series of steps to propel you forward, challenge you, and inspire you.

6) Truthfulness 
- We agree to be honest with each other. We agree to be brave with each other. We agree to a level of intimacy and focus on a higher truth than you've ever experienced from any other relationship.

Each practice is required to uncover your purpose and truth.

Each practice creates inevitability.

I look forward to discovering your dreams with you.