Admand W.

"There is no one like Rob.

I have known him for more than a decade. He cares deeply for people and is genuine about his relationships. If one would sit with him, even for a moment, they would discover he listens intently and won’t let you leave until you have asked yourself the question “Why haven’t you...?”

He is not a dreamer, but a believer. He believes there’s a Rockstar and a Superhero in everyone. He believes people are yearning for a major breakthrough in their lives, but don't yet have the courage or conviction to do it themselves.

Rob is a Disruptor... of all the excuses people have come to believe about themselves."

"Who is Rob Jones? If you don’t know Rob, you want to know Rob. You need to know Rob.

We met Rob several years ago, and let us tell you, he is unlike anyone we have ever met…in the best of ways. Rob is a connector, and a true “go-giver."


He has an amazing gift of clarity to help you align your business or your personal life with your principles. Rob has an uncanny sense of what you need to do to take the next step, and he connects you to the exact right person at the exact right time to help you further your goals.


Marishka P. & Larry G.

"I've known Rob since 2011 and my life has never been the same. It would be hard to write just a few sentences about him and how he positively affects people around him but if I had to settle on three words that sum him up, they would be 'Giving,' 'Connector,' and 'Powerful.'

Giving: Rob is always available to help others in need or when they have to vent. He is a great mentor and coach and if I had the perfect magic eight ball, it would have Rob's answers built into it to help me with my day-to-day questions.

Connector: Rob lives by the "pay it forward" mentality, meaning he is always helping others find employment, making connections, or bringing people together. He is a giving and passionate connector, and is surrounded by a group of professionals you can always count on.

Powerful:  Whether in a one on one situation or in groups, Rob knows how to talk to people. He has grown so much since I've met him. He is the guy who's been there and done that.

If you are one of the lucky few who connect with Rob, your business, your network, and your life will be so much richer for it."

Michael R.