Have you ever met someone, shared your passions, dreams and thoughts, only to find out that they didn't hear a word you said? Have you ever met with a business leader and watched as they waited for you to stop sharing so they could start talking?

It's an awful feeling, but a powerful reminder that it's time to listen.

I have learned over the years that I too have been guilty of committing this act against potential business partners. I've failed to connect in instances where I spent my time narcissistically waiting to share how influential I was. I actually robbed myself of opportunities to positively influence the lives of others. I could have come offering a selfless experience, but instead made those meetings about myself. Despite these past failings, I learned over time to do better. So much better.

To that end, I teach my clients how to live an extraordinary life by putting others first. Guarantee an influential future by listening to the most important words you'll hear today... those of the person sitting across from you. It will be an amazing and profound experience.