When I meet with clients, or speak from a stage, I share my personal walk and testimony. I believe these intimate moments not only reveal my past failures, but prove my point about openness. When ego is removed and truth is revealed, there is no lie to protect.

Whether in business or love, people rarely pay attention to the deepest of details. So many skip this vital step to understanding the heart of another, and risk everything in the process.

We fail at caring enough about each other to put our reputations on the line.
We fail to proactively edify and this seemingly simple mistake postpones our near and long term success.

As an example, do you truly believe in the ideas I lead and teach with?
For that matter, do I believe in the opportunities and strengths you provide?
If so, why aren't we driving opportunities to each other?

Shouldn't we be doing so much more for the people we've chosen to share our lives with? To be frank, if we don't care, or haven't listened enough to edify appropriately, how can we call anyone partners in any facet of our life? It seems clear to me that we've failed to do the best for others, and in so doing, have failed ourselves.

I believe we should focus exclusively on serving others by inspiring truth and confidence. I teach my clients, once and for all, the value of standing up for what and who they believe in. Being less than "all in" only costs time, heart ache, and embarrassment, and this will assuredly lead to failure.

You cannot stand behind what you do not understand, support, or love, and your peers can feel it emanating from you. Do better for others by choosing to love people on a cellular level.