Creating a path to success has never been easy.

Many of us, especially those that consider themselves serial entrepreneurs, spend years honing skills in a variety of different professional settings. My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the desire to do more, to influence more, to be challenged, and to find a purposeful way to create a unique brand and vision.

To that end, the worst part of being an entrepreneur is the tendency to repeat mistakes: the belief that every employment opportunity is merely a stepping stone to our destiny, and that this deep toolkit of learned skills makes us more attractive to a future client.  It doesn't necessarily work that way.

To paraphrase Liam Neeson in the film Taken, we should have "a particular set of skills." If we are seen to have simplified, unique and amazing abilities, finding an audience and client base is simply a matter of time. Our clients find us through our uniqueness, purpose, and network. 

When we jump from ship to ship, we are seen as transient. Our unique power, our life-force, and our purpose are diluted. When you hone in to that "one thing," opportunities will find you, friends and networks will be emboldened by you, and your influence will grow exponentially.

How can you do better for yourself? By taking the time to mold your vision into a single purposed machine, honed by focus and time.