You are not your truck

Faith , People

We are so much more than any given moment in our lives. A friend of mine recently called me, asking for some time and mentorship. When we sat down, he lead out in the conversation, telling me that for the first time in his life, he was living outside his means. Way outside. This was […]

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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Business , People , Transition

Something I’ve noticed lately is how many people around me are doing jobs they despise.  Or, they’re ineffective.  OR BOTH. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend, and asked how business was going… a natural pivot in our weekly conversation.  It occurred to me that I have been hearing the same response from him for […]

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Infected with knowledge

Business , Faith , People , Transition

As the incredible, and highly successful, Walter Bond says “if you’re going to be around me, infect me with some of your knowledge.” …and the way to do that?  Come to the table with some information and the discipline it takes to acquire it.  Oh, you don’t have discipline? Ok, then.  Let us teach you a few […]

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