You operate on an entirely different level than most of your peers and you've achieved things most only dream about. In the beginning, you were ambitious and ferocious with your focus, and you were rarely distracted, but have noticed this has changed over the years. You are in search mode.

You know what you dream about but you are looking for a missing piece. You are so close and it's frustrating. You have overcome some of life's biggest challenges and you don't know why you're stuck, but you are.

You are concerned you may have convinced yourself you are something you are not and this distresses you. You cannot waste any more time. You need a solution and a path back to your vision and purpose.

I am an expert at helping you find what you're missing and what to do next.

You've heard the old adage: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Your attempts at change aren't enough and you know it.

There is truth to the conceit that we do not change but that our environment changes. We either suffer it or defeat it.

You have defeated negativity in your life and career, but through time and constant attack, you are starting to wonder if it's not actually just you failing yourself over and over.

Here are the qualities that define you today:

You are driven and purposeful.

2) You believe in something greater than yourself.

3) You desire legacy over ambition.

4) You recognize that ambition finds legacy.

5) You wake every day thinking today "more happens."

6) You will never understand "lazy."

7) You are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

8) You don't need coaching, but you desire insight and know that you can go faster by yourself, but further with a team.

If this is you, we need to talk.

We need to talk because you desire a committed human being who honors you by helping you find and achieve what you were designed for. Your purpose lies in front of you at this very moment and I will not let you disengage without discovering it, walking into it, and living it.