I work with amazing people who understand they are already powerful and successful, yet desire a more fulfilling life.

I am an expert at helping my clients unleash their inner superpower: their capable, yet typically inactive, ability to discern. Working together with my client, we create a process of tiny incremental changes that teach them what they already know, but in greater and thoughtful detail.

I believe everyone is 97% extraordinary at one thing.

I know that everyone in the world is significant, unique and potent in their gift. It's this gift that enables us to grow, to engage, to change, and to give.

However, we are missing a crucial 3% to give us completeness.

I refer to the missing 3% as "The God Sized Hole." This hole is typically filled with useless chatter, wasted time, sought out pleasures and needless purchases.

With a tiny shift in perspective, my clients rediscover their purpose and, seeing that engaging in relationships with an aligned and chosen few, can, once and for all, quell the unexplained emptiness they feel.

My coaching is powerful because I listen to my clients and help them find the tiny changes needed to step into their truth. How do I do this?

I learned from the greatest teachers ever: My own failures.

I have spent years engaging in business opportunities, travelling, conceiving ideas, marketing new brands, bootstrapping businesses, training teams, buying concepts, being coached by leaders all over the globe, struggling to engage further, becoming distant, finding and believing in failure, struggling to overcome, moving from location to location and school to school, being told I wasn't smart enough, kind enough, fast enough, gracious enough, and sometimes not selfish enough.

When I discovered it didn't matter what anyone thought and went back to what I really knew about myself, everything changed and I can help you get there as well.

I'm a high performer. 

I don't disengage.
I am tenacious.

I am in the revival business.

If you're looking for a person to lead, inspire, challenge, coach, discern, provide, teach, provoke, and love, we might be a good team, you and I.

If you find yourself reading this page and saying YES, let’s talk and explore if working together makes sense for both of us.