What is Heart Leadership?


Do you suffer from Compassion Fatigue?

In the world of professional business coaching, intense focus on best practices is to be expected. Traditionally, these best practices involve system design, developing core sales strategies, and standardizing operating procedures, with a strong focus on net revenue.

However, the innate aspects of the individual, (examples being integrity, ethics, or moral compass), are rarely addressed, challenged, or empowered. As you can imagine, it’s quite difficult for leadership to step around traditional boundaries, as exposing oneself to personal and emotional growth is uncomfortable at best.

To that end, I have created a unique training program for individuals and businesses. I call it Heart Leadership. In it, I teach concepts relating the alignment of one’s core principles to their workplace habits, their staff, and ultimately, their clients.

As we all know, every workplace and culture is unique. The concepts behind Heart Leadership serve to remind business owners that their gut instinct, their ability to discern, is correct. Trusting this instinct allows business owners to focus on the intangibles that bring opportunities to their staff and, at the same time, prevent employees from confusing clients or driving opportunities away.

Simply put, Heart Leadership identifies the ultimate direction of the company, refocuses the business owner, and invigorates the work culture.

It’s what I do.