Shut down for the night


Can you shut down at night? When you sit quietly, are you on your phone? Can you disengage from the intensity of your day?

Our world, our culture, and our desire to be plugged in…. our addiction to being plugged in, is a powerful one. I admit I suffer from this as well, so I am not writing this blog out of hypocrisy, because I dig social media so much and the connections I believe it provides.

It’s my thought that the entrepreneur in us cannot shut down our collective minds, as guilt creeps in…a feeling that every second should be serving the end result, that we cannot sleep as every moment should propel us forward. It’s a maddening feeling and ultimately an exercise in futility.

We need sleep. We need time with our families. We need time to be. To be.

This blog is for me today as much as you. Go to bed early tonight. There is no such thing as catch up sleep, but there is sleep and sleep is what you need today. Goodnight.