I’m not your competition


I had a phone call earlier today that proves a sad truth. So many business people I know continue to operate in fear. I am not one to feel as though I’ve completely risen above it either, but rest assured, I’m doing everything in my power to remind myself daily, through my own thoughts, words, and network that I AM A FORCE and nobody does what I do.

You are created unique, with your own purpose. You have your own voice, and your own style. You are lovely, just as you are. In fact, bringing others into your world that does a very similar thing should only serve to prove that nobody does that special thing YOU do.

As many of you know, I coach business owners, leaders, and teams in a very different way. I offer something I call “heart leadership.” It’s based around the principle that we are all born with the power to discern, but rarely exercise that spiritual gift. If we did, we’d stop trying so hard to convince people to become our clients, our friends, and our lovers. We’d seek out amazing people simply because they are amazing and, using that power to discern, serve them as they need to be served. This, in turn, allows them to serve you because you came to the relationship, principled and just.

Time brings truth and value to all relationships. Nothing else does. You cannot run warp speed into a friendship, especially one that you expect to last a lifetime.

I’m not your competition and you aren’t mine. Get over yourself.