The 40% Threshold


Lately, I’ve been back on the ‘kick’ of living a healthier lifestyle and approaching each day with vigor and hope. I admit that I’ve done whats trendy in the past, whether it be the latest diet, workout regimen, or cleanse…. I’ve tried most of them.

Here’s the thing: I know what it takes. It takes work. I’ve done it before. I went through an extremely focused workout regimen in late 2009. I altered my diet to suit the workout and in the process, I lost 40 pounds and felt (and even kind of looked) amazing. It was a great thing.

The problem is I know what it takes. It takes work. I also know how I felt during this extremely challenging phase of my life. I felt tired, stressed, and continuously hungry. I missed pizza and Coke. I missed snacking while playing video games late into the night. I missed being an idiot, basically.

Today, I find myself in an odd place. I find myself with the knowledge of what I must do to maintain any standard of healthy living. I cannot claim ignorance. I need to live a long and productive life, because I have stuff to say and do. I have children and grandchildren to live for and to influence. I have stuff I want to achieve. I have things I want to buy. I have people I want to encourage and mentor. I have family that need help and are caught in a vicious cycle of health concerns and depression. I can influence all of these things if I am healthy. I need to be fit.

This morning, I was reading various posts online about healthy mindset, as I took a very fast power walk down a rural road. I found some great videos of those that have preceded in me in physical victory. I look to them for leadership, so I too can lead my own tribe.

As noted in the video above, we are capable of going WAY outside the box in regards to what our bodies and mind can withstand. As an example, you can go to a bootcamp workout course, and do very hard exercises with a large group of people. In that course, you’ll be able to withstand so much because you are sharing the experience with others.

They are in it with you.

However, the truth is you are able to withstand the pain because the pain isn’t that great. Your ego tells you it’s possible, but moreso because if you stop, you embarrass yourself or let others down. The reality is you can withstand the pain. When you’re by yourself, you just don’t want to. The little lie in your head tells you “nobody is looking… you can quit.”

Don’t listen to the lie. Be a SEAL. When you hit the 40% pain threshold, it’s just beginning. You can go farther. Set a new floor. In all things. Mind. Body. Mood.

Do it.