Without a vision, people perish


In Proverbs, Solomon said “without a vision, the people perish.”  I don’t know if it can be put any better, honestly.

According to the excellent book I referenced a few days back, The Richest Man who ever Lived, the life skill most people lack is diligence. I thought I’d poach a bit from the book today and share some of my thoughts on what I’ve learned about myself.

There are 4 steps to bringing diligence into our lives.  They are:

1) Waking up to reality
2) Defining your visions
3) Partnering with the right people
4) Building wisdom into your lives

I am working on these 4 concepts daily.  The fact of the matter is it took me 50 years to figure some of this out for myself and I’m still learning!

For me, there was a sort of expectation that things would naturally just “occur” for me… that I’d spent so much time working on creating relationships and honing my own skills that people would just naturally want to work with me, or partner with me, or marry me, or want to hang out…. you get the picture.  Reality is so far from that expectation and yet I spent years assuming it were true.  Really truly believing it were true.

For me the hardest part was finding the right people in my life to trust and work with.  To quote author Steven Scott, “Throughout history, no one has achieved any worthwhile goal, significant project, or impossible dream without effectively partnering and seeking outside counsel.”

These are such simple and profound words.  I hope you heed them.

You don’t have to wait years, months, or even days to apply the skill of diligence to your life.  You just have to start.  Don’t wait for the perfect time.  There will never be one.