The Key to Maximum Success


If you’re reading this blog, you are probably looking for that extra “kick in the shorts” that puts your business and/or your life into “success overdrive.”  Am I right?  Well, listen up, because I don’t know the secrets, but I’ve been reading about a guy who did.

Yes, I’m still slowly digesting the excellent book The Richest Man who ever lived.  It’s truly fascinating. In fact, to be fair, it may be the most impactful life lesson book I’ve ever read.   It’s found a way into every crack and crevice in my life, personally and professionally.   It’s a game changer, and you needto read it.

This said, I’m currently sifting my way through Chapter 6.  I’m only at page 71, and I’ve been reading it for weeks!  We’re talking lots of highlighting and meditating on the words and finding ways to add them into my life.  Powerful stuff.  So powerful, I’m typing broken sentences!  Here’s the gist of the current chapter:

You cannot have ultimate success in life without effective partnering. 

Now, this may come as obvious and to be fair, I read that phrase in the book and said the same thing.  I already know this!  Tell me something new.  Give me the secret.  

Give me the panacea.  I need the panacea!

Going it alone will result in some pretty devastating consequences.  You know the type…. the person you cannot convince.  They know everything.  I was one of those, at least to a point.  I like to call myself a “former know-it-all.”  Former, simply because I couldn’t sustain the successes I did have, and my pride and ego resulted in me losing tons of money, making wrong choices left and right, choosing the wrong people time and again, and flailing about like a madman.  It was a painful lesson.

King Solomon warned of doing anything by yourself, as mentors, counselors, and partners will greatly increase opportunity and output.  … or you can do it the hard way and fail anyway.  What a choice that is, eh?

Here’s what will happen if you do not partner:

1) You will fall, then you will fail
2) You will experience financial loss and personal humiliation
3) Your plans and purposes will be frustrated

Here’s what happens when you effectively partner:

1) You will accomplish your dreams and goals
2) You will reduce your risk
3) You will gain wisdom that will serve you for the rest of your life
4) You’ll have someone to help you when the chips are down
5) You’ll be able to win when you would have certainly lost
6) You’ll achieve greater success

Lastly, you need to avoid the other side, which is the leverage of the WRONG partner. This will certainly result in devastating events, as the wrong partner in life, marriage or business will make your life miserable. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, per se.  It just means that they don’t share the same morals, ethics, or sensibilities and they don’t fit you and your needs/determinations. If you choose wrongly, you can suffer life changing consequences.  

Here are some red flags to picking the wrong people:

1) Lack of Integrity
2) Quick to anger
3) Foolishness
4) Inclination to gossip
5) Excessive flattery (think Eddie Haskell)
6) Disregard for personal boundaries

I cannot recommend this book enough. You need to read it. Each and every one of you. If you don’t, I’ll probably end up quoting the whole thing eventually. Go read it today and please share this blog today. Someone out there needs to read these words to realize they aren’t making the right choices and they have the wrong people in their lives.  

Blessings always.