The Bitter/Sweet road to success


Serving others can be pretty lonely, even when we feel compelled to do it.  Especially when our heart drives us forward blindly.

I had lunch today with one of my favorite people in the world, and she and I chatted about the very important value of giving openly and freely to others and how it could be a worthwhile endeavor, but (sadly) rarely feels like it is.  She admittedly carries a lot of bitterness towards her past choices and towards those that she felt took advantage of her giving. 

Now, to be fair, she made that choice.  …and unselfishly, the business people she referred accepted her gift and did great things for her clients, thereby making her referrals extremely happy and well served.  However, outside of hearing good news and having the referrals reflect well on her, she didn’t receive any financial gain or business growth.  She simply did a good thing.  Her conundrum:  Is that enough?

Thousands of years ago, Moses was tasked with leading the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land.  He fought the idea originally, given his place in the Pharaoh’s kingdom.   Who wouldn’t?  I certainly would struggle with the idea of trading comfort and opulence for confusion, danger, hunger, boredom, extraordinary difficulty and…. wandering a desert for 40 years.

…and the worst part of the tale (to me) is that Moses never ‘got there.’  He did what he was asked/tasked with, risked his life over and over again, and yet only saw the Promised Land from a distance.  His story strikes fear in my selfish heart!  I can’t imagine working for something so much greater than myself and making the assumption I too was to receive it, yet I never actually would.  The crushing heartache in my last days would prove misery.

But, Moses’ story provides a powerful and glorious lesson:  Doing the right thing for others may never result in your success. It’s merely doing the right thing for others.  There can be no expectations.  No assumptions, as they will only lead to the same heartache.  That same story is related in many different forms across the pages of the Bible.  

God’s Big Lesson seems to be trust with all of your might and He knows what’s right and best for you. 

Can you handle that? 
Are you willing to experience that?
To go that far?
To get nothing for your effort?
To leave a legacy that outlives generations of your family, yet provides you with nothing today?

This is a test of your emergency broadcast system….and it’s way more than a test.  This is your life, and you better pray for conviction and clarity.  Anything less can result in huge disappointment and disillusion.