When perception is reality


My world has been rocked to the core over the last 5 years, by my own choosing. I took all the risks and I’m responsible for everything I’ve done, both good and bad. Understanding this has been a huge hit to my ego but it’s released bitterness. I can’t blame others. I can only blame myself.  

If there’s anything I’ve discovered, it’s that people love when you specialize in something. If you don’t, there is a natural, built in, alarm system that alerts them and prevents others from doing anything with you. When you don’t focus on something, you don’t focus on anything, and you’re a risk. I personally never saw it this way before, but I have to admit that’s fair. Perception is reality.  I get it now.

Once I took the time to figure out what I’d been doing wrong, everything changed. Recently, I decided to let all my licenses and old relationships go. Doing this released an incredible amount of tension in my life. No longer do I attend a business meeting, trying to figure out the angle of the meeting. I’m not there to figure out if they want to buy insurance, or real estate, or financial services, or mutual funds, or coaching services, or my connections, etc.  

Now, I just go. I meet people “where they are.” There is no agenda anymore, and it feels great.

To sum it up, I encourage everyone to look at where they are today, and find your true purpose. Pray about it, be convicted about it and it will be revealed to you. Then, the only thing you have to do is act on it. Don’t sit on your hands.

Go. Today.