I am Rob Jones

I'm an executive leadership coach, heart focused life coach, business culture specialist, and fanatical connector of people. I live to serve every moment of my day, and I work with people seeking the same, whether in business, life, or love. 

I believe everyone in the world is 97% exceptional at their unique gift. I will help you find the missing 3% which pushes you into the realm of vision, belonging, and completeness.

Your Instincts Are Correct

Rediscover your SuperPower

Surprisingly, most people who are highly successful do not operate within their true purpose.

They have satisfaction, but a feeling of uselessness. 
They have fullness, but no wealth.
They are excited, but are complacent, and worry of an unseen future.
They are comfortable but feel empty.

Can you imagine what you will accomplish and what kind of legacy you will create when you are doing what you were created to do, surrounded by the people who will focus on you?

What will happen when you live in singularity?

If these words speak to you, let's have a conversation. We can talk at your office, over the phone, or on a trail. I can't help you until we speak and do the work to uncover your secret identity.

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Leading With The Heart

Agape: äˈɡäˌpā,ˈaɡəpā/(noun - Greek) Def: Unconditional, undefeatable love that seeks the highest good for the other person, no matter what they do. 

Agape is one of my favorite words. Why? It's an influential way to live. 

When you embrace the concept of living an agape life, the whole world will be yours. I will help you locate the key that unlocks this world, and shapes your perspective into a healthy and productive one. 

If you struggle with your career or your relationships, I will guide you to develop the habits and skills that will effectively overcome, once and for all, the obstacles that crush your true purpose and keep you from living an "agape life."

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