Let me tell you a story

I was a professional session drummer for 25 years and officially retired from the music business in 2003.  When I did, I became a man without an identity.  I encountered a level of resistance in others (and myself) that I had never experienced before.  You see, for my entire life, I had been known as one thing:  an entertainer/drummer, and now I was asking people to take me seriously in my new career.  

It wasn't until a decade later that I actually discovered what I had been doing wrong all these years.  I was expecting others to take me seriously as I jumped from idea to idea and occupation to occupation.  The truth is I never really knew what I wanted.  I just wanted to matter as much as I did when I was playing music and I wanted to love it as much as the drums.  I longed for financial freedom, though, and the lack of income was killing me, so I did what most of you do:  I sold out to work with people who don't understand or care for my vision.  I hung out with business people who had what I thought I wanted.  I started bending my ethics and morals for a shot at a victory I wasn't even sure I understood.  I just knew I had this God sized hole in my heart, and I wasn't happy.  

One day, I stumbled across the secret.  It had been hidden inside me my entire life, but I'd never used the ability, and I can teach you how to leverage your super power.  Are you ready to live life, once and for all?

I will teach you!

Your Instincts Are Correct

Rediscover your SuperPower

Surprisingly, most people who have a level of traditional success do not operate within their true purpose.  Can you imagine what you will accomplish and what kind of legacy you will create when you are doing what you were created to do, surrounded by the people who will focus on you?  Who will serve your needs?

What will happen when you live in singularity?

If these words speak to you, let's have a conversation. We can talk at your office, over the phone, or on a trail. I can't help you until we speak and do the work to uncover your secret identity.

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Leading With The Heart

Agape: äˈɡäˌpā,ˈaɡəpā/(noun - Greek) Def: Unconditional, undefeatable love that seeks the highest good for the other person, no matter what they do. 

Agape is one of my favorite words. Why? It's an influential way to live. 

When you embrace the concept of living an agape life, the whole world will be yours. I will help you locate the key that unlocks this world, and shapes your perspective into a healthy and productive one. 

If you struggle with your career or your relationships, I will guide you to develop the habits and skills that will effectively overcome, once and for all, the obstacles that crush your true purpose and keep you from living an "agape life."

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